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Free games from the co-creator of Jeopardy!

Check out our four free mobile apps —Kissin’ Kuzzins, Comprende-U, Move Your Vowels, and Move Your Vowels Español— in the iTunes App Store℠, Google Play or on Amazon, with more on the way.

Kissin’ Kuzzins

Play Kissin

Move Your Vowels

Play Move Your Vowels your Mobile device - 20 free preloaded games

Piki Paka

Play Piki Paka - A Number Game


Comprende-U, the all-new twist on trivia with an Old World flair - fun with French, German, Italian or Spanish.

Move Your Vowels ES

Move Your Vowels - 20 juegos precargados - 20 Free preloaded games for Mobile

Daily Puzzle

  • Jam and Candy Daily Puzzle 022418


New on Jam and Candy and our facebook page! Answers will appear in our twitter feed tomorrow.

Say hello to an old friend!

Playing Kissin' Kuzzins is like catching up with an old friend. Play the sensational new word association game on our website, then download the free app for your favorite mobile device!